"Information is a Material": July 7 dorkbot SF Talk abstract

I've again been invited to present at dorkbot in San Francisco. Dorkbot is where I first publicly talked about magic as a ubicomp metaphor in 2006.

Here's the abstract to my July 7, 2010 presentation:

Information is a material

We have passed the era of Peak MHz. The race in CPU development is now for smaller, cheaper, and less power-hungry processors. As the price of powerful CPUs approaches that of basic components (there are fast CPUs now that cost less than some LEDs, for example), how information processing is used fundamentally changes. When information processing is this cheap, it becomes a material with which to design the world, like plastic, iron, and wood.

This vision is the opposite of cloud computing and it argues that most information processing in the future will not be in some distant data center, but immediately present in our environment, distributed throughout the world, embedded in things we don't think of as computers.

This talk will discuss

  • What it means to treat information as a material.
  • The properties of information as a design material.
  • The design possibilities created by information as a material.
  • How information as a material enables The Internet of Things, object oriented hardware, smart materials, ubiquitous computing, and intelligent environments.

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