Eye of Judgement Augmented Reality Card Game

Continuing on the magic thread Sony demoed an augmented reality card game for the PS3 video game console at E3 called "The Eye of Judgement". Cards are, of course, an everyday magical element in myth, up there with wands, and this is the first instance that I'm aware of (though folks will tell me otherwise, I'm sure ;-) of treating them as literally magical interface elements. This iteration, and people still know little about it, but the demo appears to be a combination of some vision processing using the PS3 and the EyeToy camera. Gamespot describes it this way:

In The Eye of Judgement, it appears that you'll buy packs of cards, just like you would for Magic or Pokemon, with the idea of being able to create a deck capable of beating someone else's deck. The difference is that when you put the cards down on a table, the PlayStation 3 is able to recognize the card, via the EyeToy. Each card is associated with a different monster, and on the television screen, a virtual monster erupts out of the card.

Engadget took a photo off the E3 presentation screen:

It'll be interesting to see how this kind of UI moves into the daily world and how vision recognition or embedded RFIDs in otherwise everyday objects make them behave in magically when viewed through the enchanted mirror of technology.

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i was wonting to know is the game fun to play and do the card come to life like in the pictures i see on the computers




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