My own private SFO: a personal geography

In thinking about personal geographies, I decided to see what it felt like to make one, so I did. This is a map of the town of Airportainia, one of the several towns I've spent the last couple of years (I'll hopefully be making maps of the other ones, too). It consists of the maps of 20-some of the 30-some airports I spent time in over the last 12 months and represents a particular experience of travel that I've had. Frequent fliers: see how many you can identify!

(btw, it's a big image, though not a big file, so you may need to click on it again in your browser to zoom in for the full view)

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Pustenblumen from girlwonder on May 15, 2005 1:49 PM

Pustenblume is the Geramn word for dandelion. I like the word because it makes me think of blowing on... Read More


Brilliant! Brilliant! Bravo!!!

Truly wonderful.

Fantastic. This is so cool!




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